Manchester School of Aesthetics
By Published On: 11 July 2023

Last week on Thursday, the terrific trio of Danielle, Rob, and Katie took a trip to Liverpool’s Material studio to record the first podcast of the soon-to-be released “The Only Way Is Aesthetics”. The aim and ethos of this podcast are to discuss anything and everything aesthetic!

We recognise that the format of podcasting is a tremendous way to communicate and connect with our audience and allows us the platform to discuss in detail all the topics and subjects we find fascinating in the world of aesthetics.

For this particular episode, we focused on the “new career fear” and how to take the leap into a new work field. We’re hoping this episode will encourage many people, both young and old, who are constantly second-guessing themselves to embrace that change and transition into a new path that they are passionate about.

We had so much fun recording this episode, and we are so excited to release our debut episode of “The Only Way Is Aesthetics,” which will be dropping soon :)


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