Manchester School of Aesthetics
By Published On: 22 April 2023

The look of worry on Stefans face…

It’s difficult for your client to put trust into a new practitioner, it might become second nature to us at Manchester School of Aesthetics however having someone put a toxin via needles into their head isn’t second nature to your client.

Your client may seem difficult, untrusting, asking all the questions in the world about your qualifications and don’t take this personally it’s their RIGHT to do so.

Here is a few tips on how to handle a nervous client.

😍 introduce yourself and give a little background info leaving the conversation open for them to ask questions (we need to create a comfortable space to allow this)

😍 Explain everything about the treatment and the sensations during and after

🥰 Don’t seem rushed remain calm and collected this will help your client remain calm.

🥰 Ask if they have eaten to prevent and un wanted faints.

😍 Offer a cooling off period so your client can have time to decide weather they want to go ahead.

😍 Have patience once their trust has built with you they are usually your most loyal clients.

😍 Ask what you can do to help them relax some clients want talking to during the procedure, some want a stress ball, some want a chaperone, some want you to be quiet it reassures them you are concentrating.

😍 Communication is key

Stefan wasn’t actually nervous! just don’t think he liked us very much at this moment :)


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